About Me

I decided to pursue my career as a Psychotherapist in 2014 and since then I have worked towards gaining my Diploma, and Certificate of Proficiency, and becoming a registered member of the BACP. I have had an extremely varied career working in a variety of settings including healthcare services, media organisations and charitable agencies.

I am passionate about supporting people through their journey of life. I am aware at times taking the step to see a counsellor can be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, when a situation occurs in your life leaving you feeling stuck and alone or at a loss as to what to do, having someone you can go to for support can be a comfort, having that person to share how you are truly feeling. This is especially true if you have experienced a traumatic event whether it be past or present, as such events can leave you feeling Isolated, alone, anxious or even ashamed. I have worked closely with clients who have experienced trauma, hence my passion for working alongside and supporting my clients.

I have been working as a counsellor at CGL Bromley for over two years with clients who have self-medicated with alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal substances, often due to a traumatic event whether recent or past such as a loss of a parent, sibling, physical or sexual abuse, bullying at school or work etc. Some would self-medicate with alcohol to be able to cope with day-to-day life events such as going through a divorce, child issue, moving home etc. I have been able to successfully support my clients as I adapt my counselling method to the particular needs and personality of each individual client.

As a psychotherapist I am skilled at listening to people and can offer valuable help in working through trauma and what it means to you, and in rebuilding your life. One of the most important aspects of trauma is recognising that life has changed and our old ways of looking at the world sometimes don’t seem to make much sense anymore. Sometimes we have to rethink the ways in which we live our lives and what is important to us. We need to take time to reflect on what we have learned from our experiences.

However, trauma sometimes has the potential to be a springboard for something positive. In the aftermath of the struggle with adversity it is common to find benefits. I have had clients who have told me that their values have changed in such a way that they have learned to live life more fully, or that they appreciate their family and friends more, or that they feel themselves to be in some way wiser, more mature, and stronger as a result of their experience in having counselling with myself.

Training/Additional Credentials:

  • Diploma: Therapeutic Counselling – Bromley Campus of Further and Higher Education London South East

  • Certificate: Counselling Studies - Lambeth Campus

  • Certificate: Counselling Skills - Lambeth Campus

  • Certificate: Online and Telephone Counselling – Counselling Tutor

  • Certificate: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Udemy

  • Certificate: BACP Certificate of Proficiency

  • Certificate: Communication Skills - Bromley Change Grow Live

  • Certificate: Psychosocial Interventions - Bromley Change Grow Live

  • Certificate: Cultural Diversity - Bromley Change Grow Live

Further/Ongoing Training:

  • Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Membership: MBACP Registered